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Who Is Nightlight ?

Mission Statement


Nightlight Outreach Inc aims to provide a vital ministry of compassion and caring in the area of homelessness, which is solidly based on a Christian foundation, to the whole community but especially to those who are less fortunate regardless of reason, age, gender, ethnicity or religion.



To provide support, care, a listening ear and most of all love.  Not just to people who are suffering from homelessness, but also to families and individuals who may have a roof over their head. Some of these people may be suffering in silence from alcoholism, drugs, gambling, depression, anxiety and any other issues that prevent them from being the very best they can be.

We believe that through building personal, God-Centred relationships with families and individuals, that those who are struggling will be able to share how they feel on a one on one basis.  As they say, "A problem shared is a problem halved." Most problems are able to be solved and if there is a situation we don't have the resources for, then through liaising with other organisations that specialise in those areas, we can find the solution.



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